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Remembering Peak Oil

It's interesting to see how little mention there is in these times of Peak Oil, and the way that low oil prices seem to be placating debate. Important though, is the stark comment from the Peak Oil Task Force, back in October:

“Our main point is this. The speed with which the UK would need to mobilise for a “descent” peak oil scenario, much less a “collapse” scenario, exceeds anything that has yet been considered in the climate-change policy-response arena. Formulating a plan for either the “collapse” or the “descent” scenarios will require an entirely new framework for energy thinking in the UK.


Failure to act would entail major social and economic problems for government, industry and consumers alike, should either the “descent” or “collapse” scenarios materialise. Acting without taking a total-energy approach could lead to bad decisions involving little net-energy gain for the national economy, and deleterious impacts on our balance of payments”


Peak oil and energy security will be important for forthcoming workshops with local government directors at four events in coming weeks.


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