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Green travel 2.0

Green travel and eco tourism is a bit like many organisations' approaches to CSR - they are 'end of pipe' solution that focus on doing the wrong things better; whilst this has its appeal, and can give a comforting illusion of progress, it's really not where we should be heading. Rather than use a CSR  or triple bottom line accounting, it is time to move and focus instead on'Triple Top Line' (TTL) design - an approach that results in products and processes that could continue for ever, and result in us having a planet to live on. Triple Tol Line takes natural limits, biomimicry, psychology, choice, humanity and business approach into account at the design phase so that we don't need to clean up the rubbish afterwards.

Offsetting carbon to fly to an eco retreat surrounded by birds of paradise may create an illusion of 'green leisure' but it's only focusses on part of the issue - a symptom of most the solutions around at the moment (finance fixing, anyone?). Whilst technology has a role to play, it's not the answer. Green travel 2.0 is travel that's fit for the future - One Planet movement within a 2 tonne personal carbon budget. Anything more than this should see you heading for your bike.

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