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DO THE GREEN THING come out with consistently witty, relevant and snappy messages about what we need to do differently. This is one to pass on:
PLUG OUT BOY BLUES from manuto on Vimeo. DO GOOD The Do Lectures took place at the wonderful tented kingdom of Fforest in early September. I had the privilege of hosting the event for howies. One of the most powerful pieces for any change activist was this talk from Alistair McIntosh IMAGES OF CONSUMPTION I was sent a link this fantastic talk by a friend in the States. Chris Jordan uses a combination of pwerful images and words to make the reasons why change and re-thinking our way of making and using products. AMORY LOVINS

Change doesn't come in a much more dangerous combination than nuclear physicist and environmentalist, gathered into a body buzing with energy and quirky off-beat humour. Amory Lovins taught alongside Janine Benyus (see below) at Schumacher and is one of the best minds on the subject of sustainability, resource efficiency and possibility. This talk is from via youtube

  BIOMIMICRY Janine Benyus was one of the teachers on a course that I facilitated at Schumacher College a few years back. Her work on bimimicry is even more relevant now than it was then, and is as relevant for organisation and process design as it is for her original work into products inspired by nature


CRADLE TO CRADLE Bill McDonough's development of a 'Cradle to Cradle' philosophy to replace the idea of sending materials 'to the grave' represents a fundamental shift in the way that we design everything. His assertion that "design is the first signal of human intent" gives good food thought as we look back at what homo sapiens has created.

  CRADLE TO CRADLE Listen too, to Michael Braungart's thoughts on 'rematerialisation' - his is the micro part, chemical design process that so effectively compliments Bill McDonough's architecture and landscape scale design.


Rob Hopkins is the originator of the Transition Towns project. He posted three talk on You Tube. The first one is here and the others follow below

Part 2 of Rob Hopkins' talk on Transition Towns

Part 3 of Rob Hopkins' presentation on Transition Towns

Thought-provoking stuff from Google's founders speaking at Davos in 2008

 EO Wilson speaks out on behalf of critters



Michael Pollan speaks strong and deep about different ways of looking at our world, from the perspective of plants and animals