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Hay update, 5 June 09

The four days of Hay on Earth ran even better than we'd hoped, with around 300 participants over the four days. Outcomes and results of all four workshops will be posted up on the site here, very soon


Hay on Earth is running on 22, 27, 28, 29 May 2009

only a few places left

Over four days in May, Hay on Earth brings together senior figures from public and private sector organisations with some of the best thinkers in the country to develop practical, appropriate scale solutions to the dramatic challenges that will be faced by Wales as a consequence of climate change, carbon reduction and the need to build security of food supply. Hay on Earth is one of the only events in the UK that brings together experts and stakeholders from a diverse range of organisations and use systems approaches to create practical plans and projects. Hay on Earth is a unique and powerful opportunity to shape policy, strategy and action in an uplifting and inspirational environment, with like-minded thinkers and change agents.

The event is organised by Andy Middleton from TYF / EcoSapiens and Andy Fryers from the Hay Festival, and is sponsored by howies, the Energy Savings Trust and TYF. Comments and outcomes from all workshops are circulated widely to participants and beyond following the workshops. Some participants at Hay on Earth attend all four days of the workshops, and others for one or two; those from public sector and business organisations are asked to make a £100 donation per day to offset costs.

22 May: Converging on Zero –leaders from public, private and third sector come together to work out how their organisations will work together differently to enable rapid change - learning how to move together with speed, connectedness and coherence. The Welsh Assembly's First Minister, Rhodri Morgan and Minster for Environment, Sustainability and Housing, Jane Davidson, are launching the new SD scheme at Hay on 22nd, and this workshop will focus on create action and commitment from key people before the ink is dry. Key outcome: generate senior management and board level understanding across private and public sector organisations of how large the scale change that Wales needs, and how this change can be rapidly embedded through leadership and collaborative working.

27 May: Cradle to Cradle Food Security – representatives from across the food sector – production, processing, packaging, transport, distribution, warehousing, retail, waste and recycling – through government and business - will be working together to scope a deliverable post-peak oil, low carbon, zero waste food plan for a nation. Welsh Assembly Government Minster for Rural Affairs Elin Jones is participating in this workshop. Key outcome: start creating shared vision for the pathway to zero waste, community based food security, with short and medium term actions to deliver transformation of the way we produce and transport food.

28 May: Streets Ahead – harnessing collective intelligence and the power of networks to deliver solutions for sustainable change through community action. Businesses, local government, local business, health and education will use shared knowledge and resources to solve problems of a virtual community, before committing to run a trial across five towns in Wales. The Welsh Assembly's Deputy First Minister, and Minister for Economic Development, Ieuan Wyn Jones attended in 2008 and is taking part again in 2009. Key outcome: get representatives from business, government, third sector and community to commit to running Streets Ahead change events thatexplore the real scale of CO2 reduction and resource savings that can be made through deep levels of engagement and understanding.

29 May: Getting the message out – bringing creative and communications professionals together with policy and strategy specialist to work on clear, fresh and compelling ways to reach a wider, deeper audience with the benefits that change can bring to the economy, community and the environment. Creative Directors will mix with poets, writers and politicians to imagine new stories, messages and ‘hooks’ for communication and action. Key outcome: creating a convincing Welsh angle on communicating how to grow the essence of the previous three days' workshops into nation-scale change for sustainability and food security through connected, community-based working.