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Sustainable Design Conference

On 25-26 October, Martin Charter, Director of The Centre for Sustainable Design is hosting the 2011 'State of the Art' in Sustainable Innovation & Design Conference, the 16th in a long series of successful events, at Farnham Castle in Surrey, UK.

In addition to Martin and me, speakers include those listed below. I had the pleasure of speaking here a few years back; it was the best sustainability conference that I've been to, with a real focus on conversations to make a difference, between speakers and participants of equally high quality.

2011 Speakers include:
Mark Barthel, Head of Design, WRAP, UK

Dr Louis Brimacombe, Head, Environmental Technology, Tata Steel Group, UK

Colin Courtney, Director, Green Construction, Skanska AB , UK

Dawn Danby, Manager - Sustainable Design, Autodesk, US

David Eades, Presenter, BBC World News, UK

Mark Griffiths, Partner, SecondNature, UK 

Oliver Heath, Director, Heath Design Ltd, UK

Andrew Jenkins, Sustainable Development Manager – Products, Boots, UK

Michael Kuhndt, Head of Centre, UNEP/Wuppertal Institute Collaborating Centre on Sustainable Consumption and Production (CSCP), Germany

Tomoo Machiba, Senior Consultant, Organisation of Economic, Cooperation & Development (OECD), France

Dr Kieren Mayers, Head of Technical Compliance, Sony Computer Entertainment, UK

Shaun McCarthy, Director, Action Sustainability, UK

Michal Miedzinski, Senior Consultant, Technopolis, Belgium

Dr Richard Miller, Head of Sustainability, Technology Strategy Board (TSB), UK

Louise Nicholls, Head of Responsible Sourcing, Marks and Spencer Plc, UK

Dr Jamie O'Hare, Senior Consultant, Granta Design, UK

Jacquie Ottman, Founder and CEO, J.Ottman Consulting, US

Reed Paget, CEO, One Earth Innovation, UK

Bruce Piasecki, President & Founder, AHG Group Inc. US

Professor Fred Steward, Policy Studies Institute, UK

Trudy Thompson, Founder, Bricks and Bread , UK

Professor Ursula Tischner, Director, econcept and Savanah College of Art & Design, Germany/US


Martin Charter describes the event as "a platform to discuss the opportunities and challenges related to sustainable innovation, technology, product and service design and development. Sustainable Innovation 11 will include invited and refereed papers from academics, consultants, entrepreneurs, investors, technology providers, designers, sustainability, environment and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) managers as well as other business functions. The event will be a unique learning experience, networking space and will provide opportunities for blue-sky thinking. Delegates will come globally from large companies, entrepreneurs, as well as academia, government and non-governmental organisations (NGOs)" 

He lists the principal benefits as:

Unique: Forum for new ideas and concepts
Leading-edge: Presentations from leading researchers, practitioners and policy makers
Quality: Over 40 papers will be presented
Content: New research, results and thinking
Networking: Opportunities to meet business, government and academia
Track-record: Over 1800 delegates from over 50 countries have attended previously
Established: 16th international conference
For further details on the event, contact Ros Carruthers on

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