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Wales Sustainable Business Summit

Carwyn Jones:

We're interested in maximising the long term wellbeing of our people. Talking of vibrant communities and avoiding damage or degradation to our planet whilst making profit.

Wales has been strong on tackling climate change, with a moral imperative even where the solution is complex. We know that the world cannot afford to wait and we need to do what we can in Wales - this has huge implications in all areas, and is vital to the success of our economy. Nicholas Stern's 'risk of -20% to world economy' needs to be taken seriously.

'To turn the crisis into an opportunity we need a vision and the determination to push it through'

In the field of renewables, there are huge opportunities for Wales, and the environmental benefits need to be mirrored by and econimic spin off. We want to see companies leading the world, showing susccessful companies who are contributing towards a sustainable future, making profit on the way.

One of the greatest prizes of all is to safeguard our planet for future generations.

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