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Climbing mount sustainability

InterfaceFLOR are one of the world's best examples of companies on a mission to make sustainability happen. This is how they plan to do it:

The Seven Fronts

In leading Interface Inc. forward Ray Anderson (Chairman and CEO) has often likened achieving sustainability to climbing a mountain higher than Mt. Everest. With this in mind, we have laid out a path designed to achieve sustainability on seven ambitious fronts.

  1. Eliminate Waste: Eliminating all forms of waste in every area of business;

  2. Benign Emissions: Eliminating toxic substances from products, vehicles and facilities;

  3. Renewable Electricity: Operating facilities with renewable electricity sources – solar, wind, landfill gas, biomass, geothermal, tidal and low impact/small scale hydroelectric or non-petroleum-based hydrogen;

  4. Closing the Loop: Redesigning processes and products to close the technical loop using recovered and bio-based materials;

  5. Resource-Efficient Transportation: Transporting people and products efficiently to reduce waste and emissions;

  6. Sensitizing Stakeholders: Creating a culture that integrates sustainability principles and improves people’s lives and livelihoods;

  7. Redesign Commerce: Creating a new business model that demonstrates and supports the value of sustainability-based commerce;

Here's Do for you:

Compare the work that you're doing to the seven processes that Interface and then pick one to improve in the next two months that can make the biggest difference. How about starting from number 1.

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