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Ashes to ashes

There's a lovely irony in the air that almost passed my attention:

  1. Readers of my blog will know that I was one of the crowd funding investors for Age of Stupid.
  2. Age of Stupid stormed the reviews and gave birth to the 10:10 campaign
  3. Now, a couple of years on, we've been marvelling at the site of contrail-free skies over Pembrokeshire, with planes grounded by a volcanic eruption in Iceland.
  4. The last plane that flew through a cloud of volcanic ash was carrying a bunch of passengers including Franny Armstrong, director of the Age of Stupid.
  5. Franny bought that plane as scrap metal, to turn into the funky 10:10 tags that the 10:10 campaign are using as badges for people signed up to reduce their emissions.
  6. Which include actions such as not flying.
  7. The volcano in Iceland will have had more impact on reducing flying than any campaign in history.


Here's Franny's blog:

Seen the stories in the news about the 747 which survived flying through volcanic ash in the 80s? That's our plane! You remember, the one we bought last year and then chopped up and recycled in to the must-wear fashion-icon of 2010. Fashion icon my arse? Well, OK magazine says it is ( so it must be true. And if you're feeling sheepish (in the fashion sense), you can now buy the tags on the 10:10 website. Though wearing one means you're cutting your emissions by 10%, so shop carefully.

Reader Comments (1)

I too noticed the trail free skies wen I was down at the weekend - house has been with builders for months, but almost finished now. Also sent you a mail - be good to catch up.

April 18, 2010 | Unregistered Commentermark

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