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24% Gold Standard

It feels good to be part of an organisation that's leading the way to make change happen; working with the Countryside Council for Wales on carbon reduction is a great example of what is possible with the potent combination of board level support, executive leadership and implementation from professional, capable officers who love a challenge.

The 24% reduction that CCW have committed to make, with a confident route map of what is needed to make it happen is an lighthouse quality example of what's possible.

Now's the time for other organisations to step up to the mark. Who's next?

Here's the full text of the CCW press release:

CCW sets ambitious plans to

become even greener


THE Countryside Council for Wales has set itself an ambitious target to reduce its carbon dioxide emissions by 24% by 2012.  Already one of the greenest organisations in Wales, the new target calls for innovative thinking - and some investment.


Roger Thomas, CCW Chief Executive said: “As a national leader in measuring and tackling public sector greenhouse gas emissions, CCW is striving to cut further its carbon and ecological footprints.  The target of 24% by 2012 reflects the pace at which changes are needed to avoid the more damaging climate change scenarios.”


Reducing CCW’s carbon footprint will require investment - but reduced consumption will lead to some financial savings. To achieve 24% savings over the next three years costs will include; investing in renewable energy generation technology, greening the pool fleet, improving lighting and IT efficiency and increased use of biodiesel from used cooking oils.


To achieve the target CCW will, for example:


  • Cut down are electricity use in buildings;
  • Purchase lower emitting vehicles for the pool fleet;
  • Increase use of biodiesel;
  • Improve lighting efficiency;
  • Make even more use of video conferencing;
  • Reduce waste to landfill;
  • Ensure staff travel using the best environmental option

 This target goes beyond the Carbon Trust Standard which only includes utilities and transport emissions. CCW’s plan also adds the impacts of waste and materials.

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