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Sharp resources

Five of the top online resources to keep your mind and thinking sharp, and green.



Khan academy



Resource Roadmap

From the EC’s Resource Efficiency Roadmap (September 2011)

Over the 20th century, the world increased its fossil fuel use by a factor of 12, whilst extracting 34 times more material resources. Today in the EU, each person consumes 16tonnes of materials annually, of which 6 tonnes are wasted, with half going to landfill. Trends show, however, that the era of plentiful and cheap resources is over. Businesses are facing rising costs for essential raw materials and minerals, their scarcity and price volatility are having a damaging effect on the economy. Sources of minerals, metals and energy, as well as stocks of fish, timber, water, fertile soils, clean air, biomass, biodiversity are all under pressure, as is the stability of the climate system. Whilst demand for food, feed and fibre may increase by 70% by 2050, 60% of the world’s major ecosystems that help produce these resources have already been degraded or are used unsustainably. If we carry on using resources at the current rate, by 2050 we will need, on aggregate, the equivalent of more than two planets to sustain us, and the aspirations of many for a better quality of life will not be achieved. 


Wake Up, Freak Out

I watched this again the other day, and once again thought that it's a film that should be seen by everybody before the leave school. And if they didn't catch it there, watch it now.

Wake Up, Freak Out - then Get a Grip from Leo Murray on Vimeo.