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Leaving the labels?

Across the Atlantic from where I'm sitting in St Davids, designer and catalyst Bruce Mau is asking the question "how do we put university quality education into the hands of the 99% of 18 year olds who don't get to go, but need the insight it can deliver?"

Seth Godin also asks "What would happen if people spent it building up a work history instead [of focusing on a getting a over-hyped university degree]? On becoming smarter, more flexible, more self-sufficient and yes, able to take more risk because they owe less money...

There's no doubt that we need smarter and more motivated people in our organizations. I'm not sure we need them to be better labeled or more accredited.

In the UK, the Seven Fools are asking employers for their wish list of the characteristics that they'd want new employees to have if their businesses were serious about innovation and sustainability. So far, no-one has said "they need more knowledge". Capability, results, evidence and portfolios are what's needed, so let's focus on creating an education system that can deliver both.

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