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Creative challenge

The team at McKinsey's MIX lab are coming up with some useful challenges, including this one - work your way through practical solutions to the following situations:

  • You can only interact with your customers online
  • You can only serve one type of consumer
  • The price of your product is cut in half
  • Your largest channel disappears overnight
  • You have to charge a 5x price premium for your product
  • You have to offer your value proposition with a partner company

And then, try the same with much more real, sustainability challenges:

  • You have to reduce carbon emissions by 10% a year
  • None of your by-product can end up in landfill
  • Your business model must build community
  • Biodiversity benefits from your existence
  • Transparency and governance increase by an order of magnitude
  • Your primary resource cost increases threefold overnight

Have fun working it out for yourself...


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