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Learning to love uncertainty

Learn to love uncertainty and failure, say leading thinkers | Edge question | Science | The Guardian.

One of the characteristics of all Doers is to know what you’re certain about and what you’re not. It’s good to have a strong, deep feeling in your head, heart and bones that you’re going to make a difference, and be certain of that. Knowing how to get there is a different question. That’s the joy of learning to work, live and love like nature, using whatever is in front of you as a gift and precious resource for whatever comes next.

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I just happen to watch a great documentary fully embracing your words. It is called LIVING WITHOUT MONEYThe film portraits Heidemarie Schwermer, a 68 year-old German woman who decided to quit using money 14 years ago. Heidemarie wanted to see if it was possible to live a life based on exchanging favors in lieu of money. What initiated as an experiment has now become a lifestyle for Heidemarie.Watching her story I learned about her inspiring philosophy, saw how she lives her day-to-day life and heard about her incredible life full of little wonders. She takes what she gets in that very moment and has no fear of the future anymore...

You can enjoy the trailer here:
The direcotr launched an interesting campaign ”Screenings for free”- campaign! Listen: by organizing our own screening of the film in April 2011– we can get thoughtful minds together, spark ideas and spawn conversations about the present and the future of our planet and how we can live our lives in a more sustainable way.
The idea is simple: Shell give us the right to screen the film for free in April 2011. Just go to thei website and fill out a form to get the free screening rights. Then arrange a public screening event of Living Without Money in April 2011, donate $20 to cover the expenses of a DVD and postage – and invite all of your friends for a remarkable night. Anyone, anywhere, together.
What's exciting is that there will be screenings of Living Without Money held all over the world in April 2011.
Not such a bad way to spread inspiring ideas, like you @ ecosapiens do!!!

January 22, 2011 | Unregistered Commenterchiara dalmaviva

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