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1440 minutes to make change happen

Here's the challenge I gave to a colleague recently. Are you up for it too?

If you're feeling brave....

  • Run the world's first 24 hour Eisteddfod - mix of music, entertainment and conversation for 24 hours non stop, Friday lunchtime to Saturday lunchtime. Hosted, with food and strong coffee in the wee hours.
  • Include a local Dragon's Den competition or two, one for adults and one for schools, using funding from the local council that would have been spent anyway
  • Build the roadmap to the community's 'R10' goals - the targets that are essential to underpin real regeneration and change - not the easy policy goals that look good yet change nothing
  • Get speakers in to run short workshops on real change that actually result in things happening there any then - writing letters to people who count, making videos for Yourtube that say what's important, writing 'my first blog'.
  • Involve business in community-based problem solving to increase their profit.

Summer's coming fast. Do it...

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