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Hay on Earth - Eugenie Harvey

There are some profound issues at the heart of climate change that we need to overcome if we are to make the change that is really needed. I'm not going to suggest that a 10% reduction in emissions is the whole journey, but it is an important first step.

10:10 is "an ambitious project to unite all sectors of scoiety behind one simple idea - that between us, we can reduce our carbon emissions by 10% - an in so doing, send a powerful signal about the world that we want for ourselves, our children and our fellow man".

You don't have to be perfect - trying to be perfect can be an enemy of doing good.

2500 businesses - Ocado, Slny and football club Tottenham Hotspur have all signed up

110 NHS tusts

47% of local authorities

2000 schools and colleges

4 cities or regions

France Germany, Netherdlands, Nepal - among the 10 countries who are signed up at government level

Within it's first month of coming to power, UK Govt have committed to 10:10 - we're now going to use this to help get other countries to follow the process.

Small recent steps:

10:10 tags - seeing the racks of bikes changes the landscape of a city - in a much smaller way, we're asking people to wear a 10:10 tag - made out of the recycled jumbo jet that Franny had been flying on when it's engines stopped due to volcanic ash.

Brighton and Hove have 10:10 on the sides of each bus, Gateshead and Tottenham Hotspur have made big steps - and we signed up Joey from Friends too - and two weeks ago, we got the Royal Mail to stamp six million letters witht he 10:10 logo.

In the last two weeks, M&S, the IPO, Bill Bailey, Arsenal and the Citizen's Advice Bureau have all signed up. We do want the usual suspects, and many more.

10 ideas on mainstreaming an idea:

  1. Take it to the people - make it part of their daily life
  2. Understand the barriers to participation
  3. The value of social proof - fire alarm, Royal Mail etc
  4. Accept the reality of human nature - we want to look good, be perceived as better people etc
  5. The importance of language in presentation of an idea - making it inspirational and exciting
  6. Don't be worried about starting small
  7. Role of advocates (e.g Boris and cycling)
  8. Stakeholder engagement
  9. Leveraging support
  10. The unique narrative of your project


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