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What's enough

Confucius, 500 BCE.

Only the man who who knows the meaning of enough can ever be rich.

Muji, 2010

MUJI is not a brand. MUJI does not make products of individuality or fashion, nor does MUJI reflect the popularity of its name in its prices. MUJI creates products with a view toward global consumption of the future. This means that we do not create products that lure customers into believing that “this is best” or “I must have this.” We would like our customers to feel the rational sense of satisfaction that comes not with “This is best,” but with “this is enough”. “Best” becomes “enough”.

There are degrees of “enough,” however. MUJI aims to raise the standard of “enough” to the greatest extent possible. “Best” contains a faint amount of egoism and disharmony, but in “enough” we sense restraint and compromise. On the other hand, “enough” might contain a sense of resignation and a slight amount of dissatisfaction. So by raising the bar of what denotes “enough,” we cast away that resignation and slight dissatisfaction; we create a new dimension of “enough” to attain a clear and heart-felt “This is enough.” That is MUJI’s vision.

Thanks to Carlo Navato via the Do Lectures

Reader Comments (2)

Hi Andy! It was great to see you chair such an innovative event at Hay yesterday. Could be passed onto all those involved, we have various grants and support packages that both victors and runners up would I'm sure be interested in.

Well done again & lets hope there are more Green Dragon Den's in future,


June 4, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterEifion Williams

No problem. White Collar on dvd
That was the first show I fell in love with.No Ordinary Family dvd set
I was so sad to see it go off the air - it could have gone on forever. But yes, I do think some of the first eppy's female audience were persuaded just a tiny bit by that old Belthazor-lawyer hunk-of-McMahon!

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