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Hay Greenprint

The Guardian Hay Festival kicks off in a couple of weeks, with their valuable 'Greenprint' series of talks and discussions, described by author Mark Lynas as "play[ing] a crucial role in raising awareness and stimulating debate about the key sustainability issues facing the world"

Read on for programme details of the 27 May event

Chris Hope
Cambridge Series: Climate Change
Chris Hope of Cambridge University, contributor to the Stern review and lead author of the
Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, tackles the current climate change issues
and sets out where the priorities should be.

Mark Lynas talks to Andy Fryers
What Have the Greens Got Wrong?
Has ideology blinded the mainstream environmental movement to solutions for some of
the major problems facing the world? Mark Lynas, author of Six Degrees and High Tide,
discusses why he has changed his views on the big issues including nuclear power, GMOs
and organic food with Andy Fryers.

Will Anderson and Sunand Prasad talk to Alok Jha
Designing Sustainable Homes and Buildings
Is it possible to build homes and workplaces that are environmentally sound, affordable
and a pleasure to live and work in? The former President of the Royal Institute of British
Architects (RIBA) and Senior Partner of Penoyre & Prasad LLP, and the author of Homes
for a Changing Climate are in conversation with Alok Jha of the Guardian.
Sponsored by RRA Architects and Oakwrights

Spencer Wells and Tristram Stuart talk to John Vidal
Food for Thought
It is time for a change in attitudes towards food production and consumption, in the
industry and in our own homes. The author of Pandora’s Seed looks to a historical
examination of our cultural inheritance for the solutions while the author of
Waste spotlights the wastefulness of modern societies. In conversation with the
Guardian’s Environment Editor.

Annie Leonard talks to Jo Fox
The Story of Stuff
The journalist and film-maker tracks the life of the stuff we use every day, revealing the
often hidden impacts of our production and consumption patterns. In conversation with Jo
Fox, Deputy Director of The Bigger Picture at Sky.

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