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Service Designing Higher Education

There's a an interesting new project developing in Switzerland to look at Higher Education provision from the perspetive of service design. The COTEN project sets out to explore:

- How can we re-imagine the structure and experience of higher education using service design techniques?

- Can service design methodologies be used in a purely online, collaborative environment?

Over the past decade a great deal of attention has been paid to the structure, nature and design of the school curriculum across many countries. In many cases the results have been less than inspiring, if not deeply damaging, especially in the area of the arts. The focus on schools is highly important, but so is Higher Education, which is also facing a crisis and lacking inspired thinking.

An army of politicians, bureaucrats, auditors, managers and administrators have failed to offer an innovative vision for higher education – COTEN invite you to apply your most innovative thinking to the problem.

It's clear to me that the education system hasn't been designed to nurture the confident, creative and collaborative minds that we'll need to engineer, invent, farm and connect and care our way out of the forthcoming train crash of a system that we've created. It's pretty hard for any system to change from the inside - so jump on in and make your contribution.

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