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The Appliance of Science

It's been interesting to watch the media's rants - across most papers - about the 'Climategate' events at University of East Anglia's Climate Research Unit (CRU). Transparency is important, not just in climate science, but in society.

With the knowledge, social media platforms and connectivity that already exists via the interweb, it's doesn't feel like to big a step to apply the same level of rigour to other equally important aspects of the challenges facing our communities and broader society. Such as food security and the role of agri-food companies in pushing GMO into the food chain. Such as the role of the banks in creating a culture where politicians believed they were alchemists, able to conjour gold from base materials. Such as the complete lack of real time planning for the changes that we need to make for climate, biodiversity, waterm food and energy.

Let's keep the focus on climate science, and not lose sight of the things that need to start happening whilst the talking is going on.

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