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HEEPS of good

Andy Deacon from EST talks about London's HEEP  - Heat and Energy Efficiency Programme, which sends people into homes to implement the '10 easy measures' = bulbs, drafts, radiator foil etc - and flags up potential for other approaches.

In Mancherter, AWARM is a fuel poverty alleviation programme run by EST in partnership with local providers where the delivery channel, generating 2500 referrals in less than 12 months - is using health professionals to take messages into households.

The EST's Green Communities support services is aiming to go deeper, and go beyond a helpline and training nd online community carbon measures, to 'lending out' experts and fulfilling action with the members that they've already got. One example: Davyhulme project grew out of an eco-congregation who wanted to serve their wider community - did home energy check forms, lobbied their LA, set up discount insulation offer, referrals. A single community of intertest can have a wider impact in partnership.

CSREG - Community Scale Renewable Energy Generation - having look at potentially interesting funding models where say revenue from a community owned wind farm is being recycled into domestic energy saving. EST love these 'revolving loan' projects.

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