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Snow record

My father Dr George Middleton is 88 and in rude health, cycling and body surfing most days in summer. His memory may ot be as sharp as it was when he was a youth, but is still works well. The other day, we was talking about the winter ahead and relating it to snow that he remembers in St Davids in the past:

1925: 6' drifts

1946-7: heavy snow and a blizzard in March

1962-3: Snow from Boxing Day through to March

1981: Snow storms in December

1982: 2' drifts in January

1991: Drifts up to 10' for 10 days in February

2010: Snow on the roads for two weeks.

Reader Comments (1)

Andy, my father is about 18 months older than yours, and in similar health, although I cannot imagine him on a body board. He is here now, eating his dinner. I am going to ask him for a snow record of southern England (to cover the same dates he will recall London and Henley). Fascinating. Thanks for sharing


October 29, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterJoanna Cary

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