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Time to get gardening

The money and commercial interest behind GM crops can steamroller some things - Percy Schmeiser for instance - but unsurprisingly, it can't steamroll the weeds that - can you believe it - have evolved to cope with the Roundup herbicide provided by Monsanto.

The GM giant started by blaming farmers for using too much Roundup, or not enough, and have promised to have an alternative in place by 2015, which must be comforting for the farmers who have been using it.

This interesting article, posted by Madge in Australia, highlight a few of the problems that we may be getting in other places further down the line.

Gene amplification confers glyphosate resistance in Amaranthus palmeri; Gaines TA et al; Click here

2    After years of GM crops the US is now suffering an outbreak of un-poisonable pigweed. The weeds are affecting nearly a million acres of soy and cotton crops. This TV news clip  shows some farmers in the US can no longer use their combines or cotton pickers their crop may have to be picked by hand.

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