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Do Lectures attendee?

Here are some ideas from Do colleague David Hieatt to get you going in the right direction if you're thinking of coming along to the next Do Lectures:

As the reputation of The Do Lectures grows around the world, our ability to fit more people into a small tent cannot grow with it. The tent holds 100 people. 80 attendees plus 20 speakers. That’s our lot. No more.

Just being able to afford a ticket isn’t enough to get you a ticket. We need to build an audience that is as interesting as the speakers. To that end, here are some things that help us to get to know you a little bit.

10 Questions for Attendees.

1, Draw a doodle of yourself?

2, When did you last inspire yourself? (Don’t include the doodle)

2 What has failure taught you? What has success taught you?

3, What bugs you? What would you like to change?

4, What was the turning point in your life?

5, How do you look at the world? Is the glass half empty or is it half full?

6, What book inspired you the most? And why?

7, Who would you love to see talk at The Do Lectures?

8, What do you do for fun?

9, If you could run one of the workshops, what would you teach everyone to do?

10, If you had a motto, what would it be?

10.5, Do you snore?

Note well: If accepted, you can’t sell your ticket for a profit or otherwise

to anyone else. The ticket is not transferable. Anyone accepted will have to pay a non-refundable deposit.

A private individual ticket costs £1K. A ticket for company costs £2K.

This money is used to fund the rest of the world to see the talks for Free. Any surplus goes toward building The Do lectures into a World Class resource tool for Doers.


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