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Soundslide - Freshwest and the lazy chair

One of the great things about living on a corner, in a place like St Davids, is that it's a convenient stopping-off point for lots of interesting folk going one notth or south around the coast. This week saw cyclists converging on TYF and our house, which was great. A baker's dozen of riders from the Otesha Project (more of this later) stopped by to work and play, and designer, philosopher and clear-eyed seer Nick Hand stayed over between Tenby and Fishguard. He's riding the coast of Britain, collecting experiences, sounds, images and stories on the way. There's a lovely one here on the folks down at Freshwest in Tenby, who have just designed a lazy chair; click here for more.

Good design, life-affirming conversations, slow travel, evenings with friends. Hard to want more

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