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Reparum res venio velociter according to Babelfish

Make good things happen quickly according to the art of do.

On Tuesday I spoke at a government funded community climate change event with Emma Louise Hardman and Emma Metcalf from the Do Programme.

We started to map out Do Connect, a time line of the real action that is needed to make an 80% reductions in CO2 emissions in 5000 days

Do Connect is about business, community and government learning to play together and put actions on paper, with dates and names. For real. Now. We're taking this to 400 people in the next two weeks.

It’s about the art of making good stuff happen, without asking too many questions or procrastination, with good intent and good people. That’s why it feels so good.

Lots more of that coming up at the Do Lectures, which we're busy shaping up now, topped up by an excellent morning of laid back cappuccino meetings in St Davids. Ross tells me that the October intake of the Do Programme is looking good too. Do dandy.

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