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Small nation leadership

Thursday last week saw the launch of Wales' new Sustainable Development Scheme at our Hay on Earth event at the Guardian Hay Festival. I chaired morning session, with the Rt Hon Rhodri Morgan, First Minister for Wales, and Jane Davidson AM, Minister for Environment Sustainability and Housing, both giving powerful speeches which outlined Wales' commitment to making change happen. The Guardian's John Vidal was one of those there, and had this to say in his article:

Wales today laid out radical plans to make it one of the most energy- and resource-efficient countries in the world within a generation.

The government development plans, which are legally binding, are far in advance of anything planned for England or Scotland and would see it become energy self-sufficient in using renewable electricity within 20 years and reduce waste to zero by 2050.

The proposals would make Wales one of only three countries in the world legally bound to develop "sustainably".

"We intend to reduce by 80-90% our use of carbon-based energy, resulting in a similar reduction in our greenhouse gas generation," said Jane Davidson, the Welsh environment minister, launching the sustainable development scheme at the Guardian's Hay festival. "We are committed to making annual 3% cuts in greenhouse gas emissions from 2011," she added.

"This is about living within our resources while improving people's well being. It will require radical changes in Welsh society," said Rhodri Morgan, first minister for Wales, which is currently celebrating 10 years of devolution.

We'll be back at Hay on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday this week for the main three days of Hay on Earth, when we'll be joined by around 180 people and two Cabinet Ministers to create real action for change on food security, community enagement and action.


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