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Community Time

Today is the third of three Community Climate Change workshops that I've been working on for the Welsh Assembly Government, with a strong group of presenters and workshop hosts. Rachel Nunn has talked of her simple, elegant and impressive work at Stirling in Scotland, setting up 'Carbon Cutter' groups that work along the same lines as Weight Watchers - weigh in every week, lots of support and small actions by everyone. Ken Peattie presented useful information on his research in to the 'moods' that drive behaviour change on sustainability and climate, and Andy Rowland hosted well attended sessions on the use of REAP Petite as an eco-footprinting tool, and of the results that they've had so far in the Dyfi Valley in Mid Wales.

So far, we've run the Do Connect timeline for change twice, and will be getting the views of another 400 people in the next week. The experience has been cathartic for some, helping them connect the detail of what needs to happen this week to the big picture and timescales of change. When the content is collected, we'll post it online and get communities engaged in drawing up their own, localised plans with names of people, places and organisations as well as dates. Biggest message? Start now, learn fast, share widely.

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