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Getting to know Do

The last week or so have been busy with the Do Lectures crew, and it's been a delight to work with howies' co-founder David Hieatt to shape up the talks and work with a potential sponsor to get the support behind the talks and the Do Programme that we really need to reach to 2 million or so people that we'd like to download talks in the next year. Talks to inspire action.

Over coffees and a couple of beers last week, the nature of Do started to emerge, and was captured the wordsmith:

The Do Word

It’s short.

To the point.

Quick to say.

All its letters do something.

It loves a deadline.

Despises procrastination.

It’s the rapids of a river.

The bubbles in a lemonade.

The kick in caffeine.

It’ s a small word but does more than almost any other .

It means the same thing all over the world.

It’s most effective when its got a plan.

It’s a word for getting things done.

It means action.

It’s all verb.

Doers inspire.The Do Lectures.Sept 3-7th09.


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