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Judge a book by it's cover

Last night's stay in the lovely mid-Wales town of Brecon was a lesson in quality and hospitality that makes a stay here extra-rewarding. The Bridge Cafe is run by Jon & Carole Paish, a couple of seasoned travellers, cyclists and mountain bikers who know more about good business, quality and common sense than anywhere I've been for years (and longer). With a fine eye for simple, functional design, and consideration for the comforts that only outdoor folk appreciate - hooks above the radiators to hang dripping waterproofs to dry and maps to borrow for the day, coupled with a love of home baked bread and cakes and Jon's obsession with making the perfect cappuccino, the Bridge Cafe is testament to good business.

And then there's the books. Whilst it's good to be aware of perceptions and 'covers' when judging new people we meet, the quality of books on the shelves of a place you're staying give a better insight into quality than any grading system.

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