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Charting a course for Sea Change

This afternoon's meeting was one of those quiet, strong affirmations that the course we've been pursuing is one that's engaged the hearts as well as minds of TYF's staff team.  At the centre of our philosophy is a vision of enlisting 500,000 people in a journey of Sea Change through inspirational and informed activities that range from keynote talks to adventures on the wild coastlines of Pembrokeshire.

Sea Change is a simple, powerful 'Triple Top Line' process that brings together:

  • The science that underpins Sustainaibility - learning to live as part o nature on one planet in a smart, post-oil, low carbon economy
  • A spirit of Enterprise - to find new ways around old problems and 'stuck thinking' that slows down progress.
  • Action - the commitment and skill to make things happen once we know what's needed. Personal responsibility, courage and high speed learning from what works and what doesn't

We'll be taking the Sea Change message into everything we do - work, rest and play, and find a way to make profit doing it, because if we don't fund ourselves, no-one else will.

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