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Convergence on Zero

A great team of people in Wales are working to develop the final elements of the content of the Convergence on Zero lectures - see information below - and we'd appreciate it if you'd promote the information far and wide to your US contacts to create the strongest possible alchemy.

The Convergence event in Washington is part of Wales' 'Stepping Stones to Copenhagen' that start with our own Hay on Earth event in May, at which we plan to launch A Million Minds and Streets Ahead as projects to enable rapid, realistic change.

Carbon, Climate and Energy conference

For two days in June, a dynamic team of scientists, researchers, engineers, architects, community champions and business innovators will converge on the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, Washington DC, to present how the nation of Wales is taking the challenge of Climate Change seriously.

Presentations from some of Wales’ leading environmentalists will be interspersed with lively debate, collaborative problem solving and the premieres of two new documentary films: The Energy Story of Wales and Weather Detectives. The Convergence will bring many minds together to discuss how to make the transition to sustainability across all sectors of society and reduce our carbon emissions to zero.

The Programme:

The challenge of Climate Change demands vast systemic changes throughout human society. These adaptive measures need to be made soon and they need to be made well, in order that our emissions may peak and reduce allowing us to pull back from the brink of runaway climate change and establish clean powered, resource conscious, inclusive communities.

Climate Change demands a whole systems approach to design and governance. We cannot compartmentalize our response to such a global problem. Changing weather patterns and events will affect our water supplies, food supplies, energy needs and transport possibilities. We need to put systems in place now that give us resilience to changes in the future – the design and use of such systems involves everyone.


For this reason, the Convergence on Zero brings together a whole range of thinkers and doers from a wide range of backgrounds and sectors in Wales. Our speakers are united by their efforts to study, communicate and plan for climate change – they are experts in their field but they need a crowd of willing participants to work with to create practical, sustainable solutions that can be communicated and implemented far and wide.


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