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Thinking it through

Fools rush in... it's interesting to see how governments across the world forget the principle of look before you leap' when it comes to making interventions to solve financial or economic problems, or both. The UK government's 2.5% VAT cut cost the country £12bn in revenue, yet made little if any difference to spending; if they'd thought about it more and spent the money on boosting renewables spend, it might.

There's a biological design principle that is "be mean on materials, and rich on design" that would benefit many of applied more. This piece from ABC News in Australia shows another example of a good idea (probably) badly delivered:

Bligh accused of killing solar power industry

By News Online's Nic MacBean

The Queensland Labor Party has been accused of destroying the local solar power industry with its pledge to bulk buy 200,000 solar hot water systems and sell them at a discount.

Premier Anna Bligh announced the initiative - which she says will create 500 jobs - at the ALP's campaign launch on Saturday.

Queensland solar energy operators have reacted angrily to the announcement, saying it is cynical vote-buying and continues a trend by the Government of undermining the local industry.

"Are we trying to create a solar industry or are we just trying to get cheap solar panels on roofs?" said Klaus Coia, chair of the Solar Energy Installers Association.


Look before you leap. Next time.


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