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Ecotopia - latest update

I've just had this note in from James Parr, co-organiser of the 'Building Ecotopia' event that's running in London this coming Friday in the lead-up to the Copenhagen COP15 talks. Discounts are on offer for activitists and researchers, so sign up now if you fancy joining the 120 or so people who are already coming to make a difference. Here's James' note:

Dear Ecotopians,

The buzz is really starting to build now and the delegation that is joining us on Friday is truly inspiring and more than a little humbling.  As you may know, we have partnered with the Department of Energy and Climate Change and Bill Becker from the Presidential Climate Action Plan to create a positive vision of a sustainable future, similar to the Autotopia and Futurama visions that became a blueprint for 20th century America.

Our goal is to share this collective vision far and wide; starting with taking the results to the climate conference in Copenhagen, to be shared as a film, Ecotopia" and a strategic document detailing the paths to a sustainable society.

The output of this day will inform and contribute to the rollout of DECC's low carbon transition plan in the UK and the Presidential Climate Action Project in the US.

This amazing day will expose you to some of the most cutting edge thinking in sustainability and you will be working shoulder to shoulder with some of the smartest thinkers in the world.

We have two prices (both assisted). 150 for professionals and 75 for NGOs and academics.

Please find a more detailed description of the day here:

SOME LOGISTICS: We are asking delegates if they kindly PRE-REGISTER on the web site. (It will make things a lot smoother for us on the day!)

Please go through the registration process on-line so we can also ascertain which workshops are of interest and your preferences for filming (there will be cameras rolling during the day for our film 'Designing Ecotopia'.) and we are creating a digital 'biography' of everyone to speed up the networking process.

The first 2 tickets using the code: CSRguest will get complimentary passes.

Looking forward to seeing you on Friday,



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