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Community based social marketing

Insights from Welsh Assembly Govt Climate Change Workshop

Step One - select the specific behaviour. Pick the behaviours that you want to stick. If it's about how water heating, anything from shower heads to thermostats can be relevant. Understand that different motivators will be present - which may be often more complex than those determining consumer choices.

Step Two - identify the barriers and benefits - "walk in their shoes" - understand their language and do solid research, run focus groups and conduct surveys to show what's actually happening. Set SMART goals, and Baby Smart goals - the things that will be needed to get started. e.g. reduce the number of staff travelling to WAG building X by 70% by Xmas 2010.

Step Three - Develop a clear strategy. For each behavour, develop a strategy to reduce barriers and increas benefits. Make the preferred behaviours easier and more affordable. Gain commitment - and make them public to promote engagement and involvement. Take advantage of social norms - group expectations and pressure to perform. Remember the value of prompts (remember to switch off the lights). Communicate, being careful to avoid the use of fear.

Step Four - Pilot - small groups, trying it

Step Five - implement a strategy


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