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Do feedback

The first talks from the 2009 Do Lectures go online next week, and we're pretty excited about the prospect of aiming for over one million downloads in the coming year.

In the meantime, in between finances, following up and planning for 2010, David pulled together some of the feedback from this year, which is enough to make anyone feel good:

It was like a double shot of fresh air for my brain.T hank you.

It was the most inspiring and abundant event I have ever attended.

Thanks again for the super fun times. I have been trying really hard to describe everything to my wife. What a great week.

A cross between the Burning Man, the Ted talksand Where the Wild Things Are

Truly excellent.

Great job and great lectures -- I think you all have a very special thing going out there in West Wales.

There¹s a reason that there is not a 5 star Michelin restaurant that seats over 50 folks.  Small is beautiful.  Oh yeah...LOVED not getting emails...

When I say I loved the Do Lectures, I really mean I fell in love with them.

The location, the hosting, the food, attendees and of course the speakers all blended together to form a magical mix.

It’s the most important event of its kind..

You gave me the greatest experience and I will remember it forever.

It certainly for me was the most inspiring conference event thing, (which it clearly isn’t) that I’ve taken part in.

It was like putting a hell of a lot of interesting, clever, funny, sparky people in a blender. In a field.

 A place of storytelling. A place of inspiration.

 It has a Genius of Place.

 I jumped in a river with some of the smartest, kindest, friendliest people on the planet..

 Sotheby’s could learn a lot how to auction axes from these people

 The meals taught us that food is not a thing but a relationship.  Damn that food was good...

 I laughed.  I laughed a lot.  Fuel for the soul...

 Revolutions can start in that pub..

 A melting pot of people and ideas. Just an amazing event.

A bonfire with soul


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