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Finding the missing link

Adam Corner wrote a useful article in the Guardian today entitled "Pyschology is the missing link in the climate change debate", going on to say "From 10:10 to the government's Act On CO2 campaign, it is now widely accepted that tackling climate change will require tackling behaviour change too. But until now, a key piece has been missing from the puzzle – psychology. The study of human behaviour has been conspicuous by its absence from the climate change debate."

I agree with his views, and what amazes me is how long it's taken for talk of pscyhology to get to the table on this topic. Clues to finding the answer why the time delay is measurable in decades lies in the title - it's a climate change debate that's been largely led by scientists and environmentalists, rather than business people, marketeers, entrepreneurs, or, god forbid, psychologists. With a fair wind, there will, in a short time, be a move away from dominace of single-discipline, slanted views of the world to more holisitic, 'Triple Top Line' design lens that a) starts with intended outcome, b) connects the knowledge and action needed to bring operational, environmental and social results, concurrently.

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