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A Million Minds

It's right that young people aren't concerned about what's going on to their environment; they shouldn't be concerned - they should be livid, steaming angry and calling for justice. Remarkably, the majority of young people and students seem to be unaware of the limitatations that their parents, uncles, aunts and relatives have locked into the system on which their future depends.

'A Million Minds' intends to close some of the gap between knowledge and action by creating a project space that gives students a three hour assignment on sustainability, peak oil and resource depletion as part of their existing coursework, to be completed by working with students from other subjects. The focus of their work will be informed by the outcomes of discussions with local businesses about the challenged facing them today - the obstacles to profitability, security and business success.

In Wales alone there are over 320,000 further education and higher education students; when each one of them has completed a three hour project, a million hours of research, conversation and consideration will have been conducted that may have created practical solutions for the businesses that could be future employers.

Our plan is to get the first 10,000 hours of reseearch in the bag with three colleges or universities that commit 1000 students to the project - from there, we aim to get Minsterial support and launch a national campaign at the Hay on Earth Seminars at the end of May

Reader Comments (1)

That sounds great, and just about perfect for the Welsh Baccalaureate which is increasinly being rolled out in Welsh schools. I have already done talks about my experience in Poznan as a Youth Delegate for Welsh Bacc students; they are really open minded and without the shackles of the conventional curriculums.

February 20, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterIsabel Bottoms

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