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lon DO n

A month ago, a hundred people gathered at Fforest Farm in West Wales for the Howies-sponsored DO Lectures, the second of an annual series of events to bring people, passion and action together. Over the course of four days, the speakers and attendees shared ideas, insights, stories, some damn fine food and a few beers. And some great music.

Next week, a couple of dozen DO folk will be meeting in London to compare notes, share progress and make more good stuff happen.

We've registered DOVERSITY as a new domain - it has the making of a new word, with a Latin definition "reparo res venio velociter" - make good things happen quickly.

One of my own projects was to finish the plan and documentation for Making Carbon History - a research project to investigate organisational response to the potential impact and benefit of the 9% annual CO2 reduction mandated by the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research and the NASA Goodard Institute for Climate Change. An overview of this project is filed in the documents folder

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