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Two Wheels Better

Spinning along on the theme of bikes...

Last week saw me+family return from a thoroughly excellent two week cycling tour of SE Provence. After reluctantly driving to London (couldn't take the bikes on UK train) we cycled from our friend's house in Stoke Newington, London to St Pancras and stowed our bikes on Eurostar. 150 minutes later we rode the easy, cycle-laned route from Paris' Gare du Nord to Gare de Lyon and disassembled the chunky bits of the bikes (wheels, pedlas, saddles), put the bits into big plastic bags and boarded the TGV to Marseilles. Non-stop journey time of three and a half hours. A couple of easy blocks' cycling on arrival took us to our small hotel where the owner let us keep the bikes in the lounge.

The next day, we headed east to Cassis then through Ciotat to the hills that led us to Castellan at the eastern end of the Verdon Gorge and a wonderful two week tour, cycling 25-55 miles a day. Low carbon, low effort, easy riding on great roads with little traffic.

Hard to beat.

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