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Ups and downs

Had a couple of interesting engagements in this last week, that were as different as they were impactful. Spoke at the weekend to Ideas Wales, a new Welsh think tank set up at 'arm's length' by leaders of the Labour Party; they invited in a few non party members to spark new ideas. Lots of nodding heads confirmed the understanding and need for change around our speed of response to climate, even though the gap between talk and action is still yawning.

Yesterday took me from Llandeilo in mid Wales to Taunton in Somerset. First off was a staff gathering from CCW - Countryside Council for Wales, where action on climate change is being deeply embedded in the corporate plan, and enthusiastically received by staff. Taunton's Genesis Centre at Somerset College of Arts & Technology was for a presentation to SW members of the Landscape Institute where for some, a realisation of where responsibility lies for change first started to hit home.

There's a lot going on, and we now need to move quickly from talk to action.  

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