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Words and action

There's an interesting article on the Guardian's website about yesterday's action by Plane Stupid, campaigning at Stanstead against air travel and airport expansion. One of those stuck in the airport commented "I do understand [the protesters'] cause, but flying is the only option for me. My sister has just had a baby and I need to get home".

It's our use of language and way of thking that's got to change if we're going to find a new way of living - words such as only and need tend to close down options for alternatives. The perecption of 'need' is frequently an externalisation of a 'want', as is use of 'the only way'. Let's look carefully at the language we use, and get smarter about choosing words that help us take responsibility for our actions. Try these: "flying is the only option for me that doesn't involve a whole day's travel" or "I want to get home to see my sister".

Words are a fundamental start point for change.

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As usual interesting and stimulating thoughts Andy.

December 16, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterDom

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