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12 actions for 2009

Make a rough plan for one area of your work or life that could reduce CO2 by 80% in the next 10 years

Identify the two actions that would make biggest difference to your personal ecological footprint

Get three new politicians on board with serious response to climate change

Plant four new vegetables to crop this summer

Walk or cycle all or part of your journey to work for five consecutive days

Talk to six your at work or in your community about plans for peak oil

Commit to a period of seven days without spending money

Take eight people to watch The Age of Stupid when it's released in March

Make two thousand and nine a year of big, bold and enjoyable decisions

Identify ten things in your house that you'll buy with a lighter footprint this year

Plan to cycle on day for five hours at eleven mph  to get to know your neighbourhood better

Commit to not flying for the next twelve months, and enjoy longer, lighter holidays

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